Exhibitions & Events

2018 Exhibit & Events Schedule

January 25 – March 3

25th Annual Warm Springs Tribal Youth Art Exhibit

Each year, the Museum celebrates the creativity and talent of our local young artists. Discover masterpieces created by the youth of Warm Springs, and see firsthand how art can positively affect young minds. This exhibit is a celebration of vibrant creativity unlocked by tribal youth, from preschool to high school.

March 17 – May 26

Twanat- Celebrate our Legacy! – Exhibit

This in house exhibit will feature objects and archival images from the Museum’s Permanent Collection. Archival images capture our way of life in our natural environment. Artifact objects will include clothing, beaded accessories, basketry and more!

April 14

The Museum At Warm Springs Honor Dinner

The Museum At Warm Springs will host our Honor Dinner April 14 at The World Forestry Center in Portland, Oregon. We will be presenting the “Twanat Award” to former Museum At Warm Springs Executive Director, Michael Hammond. In addition to a lovely gourmet dinner, the Honor Dinner will feature a silent auction to raise funds for the Museum. If you would like more information or you are interested in becoming a sponsor of this event, you can call the Museum at (541) 553-3331.

June 7 – September 29

Patriot Nations – Native Americans in our Nation’s Armed Forces Exhibit

This banner exhibit is on loan from the National Museum of the American Indian and will be displayed in the Museum Lobby.

June 21 – November 3

Memory of the Land: Treaty of the Middle Columbia River Tribes and Bands.

This exhibit will look at the history and legacy of the Tribes and Treaty. The opening day of the exhibit will include a Traditional Horse Parade and Salmon Bake.  5:30-Horse Parade, 6:00 – Exhibit Opening, 6:30 – Salmon Bake. Everyone welcome.

August 18

Huckleberry Harvest Fund Raising Dinner

The Museum will host our Huckleberry Harvest Dinner at Kah-Nee-Ta Resort. Please join us for a fun filled evening featuring a gourmet dinner, an oral auction and a silent auction. Funds raised help our Museum in many ways, what a wonderful way to support the Museum! Please call for more details, become a sponsor, or to register for Huckleberry Harvest. (541) 553-3331.

October 2 – November 3

1855 Treaty Exhibit: Memories of the Land: Treaty of the Middle Columbia River Tribes.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to view six original pages of the 1855 treaty! A true piece of Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs history! The pages are on loan from the National Archives.

October 25, 26, 27

Treaty Conference

A three-day symposium will be at The Museum At Warm Springs. The symposium will focus on the Middle -Oregon Treaty of 1855 that established the Warm Springs Reservation. The symposium will feature historians, culture bearers and legal experts. For more information: www.treatyconference.com.

November 17, 2018

Native American Art Market. In celebration of Native American Month, The Museum is hosting an artists market, just in time for the holidays, you can purchase directly from the artist. Click here to read poster.